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Class MIddleville D1-D4 Wednesday
Location Page Elementary
3675 Bender Rd.
Middleville, MI 49333
Instructor Allison Matison
Start Date 02/07/18
Semester Length 18 Weeks
Last Class Date 06/06/18
Cancellation Dates 03/07/18
Class Time D1 (4-6 yrs) @ 5:00 PM $8, D2 (7-9 yrs) @ 5:45 PM $8, D3 (10+ yrs) @ 6:30 PM $8, D4 (returning/tryout) @ 7:15 PM $10

* If the time assigned to your child is inconvenient, please see your instructor for approval to attend a different class time.
Make-ups: Should your child miss a class, he/she can stay for two lessons, back to back, any week except on testing and award/parent demo dates.
All dates are subject to change without notice.